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Banana Leaves

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Banana leaves

Indonesia is very rich in banana trees. they are very easy to find in various regions. In Indonesia, banana leaves are used to wrap food, food mats, traditional ceremonies, and many more.

What started as a tradition down in Indonesia thousands of years ago is now also proving to be a healty trend. Eating on a banana leaf isn't only flavourful, eco-friendly, hygienic, and practical but also chemical free.

Eating on a banana leaf is healty in every way.

Banana leaf that used to serve food does not require much cleaning as it is enough to rinse it slightly. Banana leaf are eco-friendly because it can be easily decompose in a short time.

Serve food

Banana leaf has an anti-bacterials that kill germs in food and aid digestion. It also has a wax-like texture that enhances the hot meal served on it

Wrap food

The large size of a banana leaf is a distinct advantage because it can be used to wrap a whole food. Also, banana leaves are waterproof, which can sustain clutter food.
Banana leaves can also be used for cooking. It gives unique flavor on the food it covers

“banana leaves packed with polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that is also found in green tea. These polyphenols battle all the free radicals in the body and prevent diseases"

about us


PT Karori Export Indonesia is an export company engaged in agricultural products, collaborating with local farmers to meet the global demand for agricultural products especially banana leaves. We are a highly collaborative and supportive team, working together to ensure our customers get the best products. Our commitment to product quality and exceptional service to keep our customers satisfied. Now, we export these products to serve customers from all over the world. We are also committed to continuous improvement in service, quality, and strive to expand our sales to provide the best for buyers around the world.

Our Vission

Provide the best quality of banana leaves that grown from specific variety of banana tree and distribute safely to our beloved customers.

Our Mission

1. Make every effort to provide the highest quality products to meet the needs of the international market. 

2. Continue to innovate and do research to produce the best agricultural products.

3. Providing an easy responsive, communicative and convenient purchasing system to customers

Our Product

Banana leaves

Fresh Banana Leaves

We have banana leaf products from the Musa balbisiana sp variety that have a flexible texture, do not tear easily, are strong, waterproof, and aromatic. this really helps the use of banana leaves as food wrappers and food mats. besides that banana leaves are harvested with a special technique that makes the leaves feel fresh and aromatic.

healty, eco-friendly, water proof,

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